More than 7 years of experience developing energy traceability platforms

In Sello Sol, there is a team of people that has been researching and developing technologies and systems for measuring and tracing renewable energies for over 7 years; validated by the most important international companies and institutions in the energy area.

About Us

Sol stamp and the traceability blockchain was developed by the company Phineal. From our expertise in R & D and implementation of measurement systems, monitoring and platforms around renewable energy, at the end of 2015 we started with the development of a traceability certificate for photovoltaic energy generation from the place of origin for add value to its use in products and services.

The solar blockchain of Latin America has been presented in 2018 as a success case in Germany, Mexico and Chile. The technology is being used by public bodies such as the Ministry of Energy and the World Bank through an ambitious project to implement a solar energy traceability methodology of the Public Solar Roofs Program (more than 130 installations with 5MW installed in buildings public).

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What We Do

Our Mission

Back in 2013, we decided that it was on us to take action and somehow aid stopping climate change. Sello Sol comes from a company focused on R+D for traceability and measuring systems and platforms, to boost renewable energies by giving them a competitive advantage and an added value. A future without fossil fuels is certainly possible, and we work tirelessly to achieve that.

Driven by Traceable Data

We firmly believe that proper access to transparent information is one of the best ways to impulse actions against climate change, that’s precisely why the measuring methodologies we have developed, as well as the data from our systems, are accurate and verifiable in any moment.

Industry Applied R+D

We develop our own technology and systems to match our needs, it is our passion and what drives us every day. Being a highly skilled team, specialized in renewable energies, puts Sello Sol in a special position in regards to response times, flexibility and technical support.


Continuous Development Process

We thrive for keeping up to date with the latest technologies and processes, as we are on continuous improvement of our platform and measuring devices. Whether by optimizing energy consumption or by updating tiny micro-interactions in our UI, we work 24/7 to deliver a product that grows every day.

Focused on the Final User

The end goal of a public access traceability platform is to bring renewable energies closer to final users as much as possible. That’s why we emphasize on developing great UI/UX in every single one of our products.

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Recognized and used by the industry leading companies

The protocols and methodologies developed for Sello Sol have been validated and are being used by some of the most important companies and institutions worlwide. Our blockchain is also sponsored by government agencies and has been showcased as a success case on the use of blockchain in energy in countless conferences in America and Europe.

The energy traceability blockchain for Latin America

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Ingeniería eléctrica y energías renovables


Sello Sol, el blockchain solar de latinoamérica

Sello Sol es un certificado que permite trazar la generación de energía solar desde el lugar de origen mediante la tecnología blockchain. Los datos son medidos y  procesados para agregar valor a su uso en productos, servicios y transacciones como información verificable, transparente y segura.

El futuro es PV+BAT

Se acerca el gran cambio de paradigma de la energía y estamos preparándonos para ese momento con soluciones que permitan utilizar la energía solar que provenga de la tecnología fotovoltaica (PV) y almacemaniento energético en baterías estacionarias y de los autos eléctricos.

Las empresas del grupo Phineal están desarrollando diversos productos y servicios a través de instalaciones reales, permitiendo evaluar y cuantificar el mix de generación y almacenamiento energético para el mercado chileno y latinoamericano. Si quieres saber más de nuestro programa PV+BAT ingresa aquí.